Wellness & Preventative Care

Yearly Wellness Visits

Yearly Wellness visits at Norbeck Animal Clinic are required. The Veterinarian does a thorough examination of your pets overall health while making sure to update the routine care of your pet as he/she ages.

Diagnostic Testing

Your Veterinarian may recommend Diagnostic Testing be done during a wellness checkup. Diagnostic Tests can help us to keep an eye on your pet’s metabolic health as he/she ages. Our goal is Early Detection. Early Detection is the best Protection.

Parasite Prevention

Monthly Flea/Tick and Heartworm Preventions are recommended for all pets during all months because these diseases/illnesses are very prevalent in our area. Testing is performed yearly on our canine friends and our outdoor feline friends.

Annual Stool tests are recommended on all of our four legged friends to rule out any commonly found intestinal parasites or illnesses. Many commonly found intestinal parasites are Zoonotic (Transferable to Humans) and contagious to other pets.

Disclaimer: Annual Exam must be up to date for prescription renewals and prescription diets.

Veterinary care is constantly changing and updating. Here at NAC, our staff makes sure to stay updated and continue to provide education to our wonderful clients on the best care recommended for your furry friends.

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