Pet Dentistry Services

Dental care is very important to your pets health. Bad dental health can lead to infections, poor organ function, heart complications & much more. At NAC, we may recommend to have routine dental cleaning throughout your pet’s life to prevent any secondary issues from occurring. We also recommend that you brush your pet’s teeth regularly to slow the forming of bacteria & tartar.

At your pets Annual exam, your Vet will do an oral examination to check what the stage of your pets oral health is. Moderate to severe amounts of tartar may indicate it is time for a Dental Cleaning Procedure. See below for the Chart of the Periodontal Stages to see what your pets rating would be.

4 Stages of Periodontal Disease

Routine Dental Cleaning Procedures are done under anesthesia. The teeth are scaled, cleaned & polished. All teeth are examined and any teeth that are compromised may be extracted. Then a Fluoride Foam is applied to freshen the breath and strengthen the teeth.

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