Online Pharmacy

The FDA frowns upon Online Pharmacies for operating outside the FDA guidelines. The FDA sent out a disclaimer that they cannot assure the buyer that theses companies are storing and labeling their medication correctly and therefore urges clients to use other companies.

Norbeck has joined with Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy to provide our clients with an online pharmacy they and the FDA can trust. Completely approved by the FDA and backed with the manufacturer’s guarantee, all medication ordered from Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy comes straight from the manufacturer to your door. Which means no middle man and no storing in between. Best part is VFC Online keeps up with rebates offered and discounts on medications to help you save on your pets’ medications and preventions.

If your pet is on long term medication, long term prescription diet, preventatives, & supplements then VFC is a great option to consider. Its stress free, affordable, convenient & easy to use. If you set up for the Auto Ship feature, VCF will bill you and ship the medication for you when your pet needs it. With Auto Ship, you never have to remember to order your pet’s refills or pay for shipping. Click the link below to see our VFC.

FDA Buyer Beware