Experiencing an Emergency?

During Business Hours

Please CALL AHEAD before coming to our hospital. Depending on the emergency and whether or not we have doctors available, we may redirect you to an Emergency & Referral hospital in the area.

Norbeck Animal Clinic

2645 Norbeck Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Phone: 301-924-3616

After Business Hours

If you are experiencing an emergency after hours, we recommend one of the following locations:

What NOT To Do

  • Do NOT get bit.
  • Do NOT perform rescue breathing on a pet that is conscious.
  • Do NOT give any medications without talking to your veterinarian first.
  • Do NOT use heating pads or excess superficial heat.
  • Do NOT treat eyes yourself.
  • Do NOT use cold or ice water for cooling.
  • Do NOT try to set or splint a fracture by yourself.
  • Do NOT use any of this advice in lieu of seeking medical treatment

What to do in the event of…

Diarrhea and Vomiting

Remove all food and water, isolate from other pets until you can get medical attention.


Give small amounts of water by mouth until you can get medical attention. Not if vomiting.


Stop bleeding by applying direct pressure with sterile gauze, clean cloth or feminine pad. Immobilize pet on a large board for transport to a veterinary facility.

Hypothermia (below 100.0)

Bundle pet in warm blankets; wrap a hot water bottle in with the blankets for transport to a veterinary facility.


Notice which nostril the blood is coming from, place and ice pack covered in a cloth on the bridge or that side of the nose. Do not put anything up the nose.

Eye Injuries

If the eyelids cannot close over the eye keep it moist with contact solution or K-Y jelly, if a chemical gets in the eye flush with running water for 15 minutes then transport to veterinary facility.


Immobilize the part of the animal that got bit (if this can be done safely) at or below the level of the heart. Try to identify snake if this can be done safely and immediately transport the pet to an emergency veterinary facility.

Hyperthermia (above 104.0)

Move pet to a shaded and cool environment and place a fan on them, wet towels with cool (NOT cold) water and place on neck, armpits, and abdomen. Transport to veterinary facility.

Bleeding from an injury

Place direct pressure on wound with gauze, clean cloth or a feminine pad, if blood soaks through do not remove covering, just add more layers. Elevate limb if possible. A tourniquet should only be used as a life-saving measure on a limb that cannot be saved. If you do use a tourniquet loosen it every 20 minutes for 15-20 seconds. Transport to veterinary facility.


Immobilize foreign object and pet, if the object can be cut without moving do so leaving 3-6 inches. If there is an open chest wound cover with sterile lubricant and then cover with plastic wrap. Never remove a penetrating object yourself. Transport to veterinary facility.

Drowning/Dry Drowning

Remove the pet from water, place on side with the head and neck extended and slightly lower than the body, expel water from the lungs and stomach by pulling tongue forward and gently pushing on the chest and abdomen. Cover pet with blanket and transport to veterinary facility.


If pet is unconscious perform a finger sweep (being cautious of the bony structure in the back on the throat) and begin rescue breathing. If pet is conscious try to keep them calm, perform finger sweep only if you will not be bit and transport to veterinary facility.