Digital Radiographs and Dental Imaging

Digital Radiographs

Our In-House Digital Radiography Services help us to get an internal view of your pets bones and organs when needed for diagnostic purposes. This may be recommended by your Vet along with other diagnostic tools to provide us with the answers necessary for your pet’s treatment.

Our digital equipment provides a quicker diagnosis with less radiation exposure and it is better for the environment. No X-Ray films or harsh chemicals are necessary. Our skilled Veterinarians will interpret the results in-house but, if necessary, we can also occasionally send the images out for consult for further investigation.

Dental Imaging

To increase the quality of care during your pet’s Dentistry, we also may recommend Dental Radiographs be taken during the procedure. This can help us to identify issues with the roots of the teeth and the bone structure of the jaw. This can be helpful during examinations of loose, infected, and fractured teeth. It can also help us to diagnose malignant or benign masses or bone loss in the jaw. In some cases it can also be used to see the nasal cavity.

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