Cat Friendly Practice

NAC is a certified Silver Cat Friendly Practice. Our Veterinarians and our staff are committed to limiting stress for our feline friends and owners while also increasing the quality of care provided.

Established by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, CFP is designed to prevent/limit the stress a feline encounters during vet visits from altering the care and diagnosis provided.

Stress can hide symptoms or also make symptoms appear during visits. So, our staff is trained to help reduce stress and educate the clients on the best way to help us do this.

We have a calm and cozy Cat Room specific for just our feline friends, which has calming music playing and Feliway in the environment which helps a cat to feel safe and secure. We also use special restraint techniques and the veterinarians are trained to examine the cat in a way that does not increase stress.

If we notice your feline friend is stressing out, an injection can be given to calm the nerves. We provide education to our clients on cats’ environmental needs as well as behavioral needs to help your feline friend here at the clinic but also at home and throughout his/her life.