Allergy Management

Pet Allergies are very common and pets can be allergic to many things. There are many symptoms associated with allergies like skin infections, hair loss, constant itching and sometimes G.I. complications.

We offer many treatment and diagnostic options for Allergies. A good place to start is to determine whether or not your pet’s allergies are environmental or dietary or even both.

NAC works with Spectrum Allergy Laboratory which provides us with specialized testing for environmental and dietary allergens that may be affecting your pet’s health. The results come back with a full and comprehensive overview of the allergens that are causing issues and also provides owners with a list of recommended diets and treatments tailored to your pets specific needs.

At NAC, we also offer several medications, special diets and products to help fight the symptoms of severe allergy. Our Veterinarians will work closely with you and your pet to find a solution that works and provides your pet with relief.

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